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last update: January 2020
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Can Capital Deepening Explain the Global Decline in Labor's Share? [January 2019]

     joint with Andy GloverReview of Economic Dynamics35 (2020), pp. 35-53.  Abstract



Demographic Origins of the Decline in Labor's Share [November 2018]

     joint with Andy Glover (submitted)  Abstract


Bankruptcy, Incorporation and the Nature of Entreprenurial Risk [November 2018]

     joint with Andy Glover (working paper)  Abstract


What Accounts for the Increase in the Number of Single Households? [March 2016]

     joint with Ferdinando Regalia and Jose-Victor Rios-Rull (working paper)


Non-Traded Goods, Structural Change, and Capital Flows to Developing Countries [November 2018]

     joint with Jacek Rothert (submitted)  Abstract

 Works in Progress:


The Gender Wage Gap and Relative Productivities

     joint with Andy Glover


The Composition of Households and Entrepreneurship

     joint with Andy Glover


An Empirical Evaluation of Q theory with Labor Adjustment Costs

     joint with Andy Glover


U.S.-Canada Productivity Differences, Entrepreneur Selection and Financing


Assessing Impacts of Financial Constraints for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

     joint with Danny Leung and Yaz Terajima


Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Insolvency in Canada

     joint with Yaz Terajima


Incorporation and the Cross-Country Differences in the Size Distribution of Firms

     joint with Pedro Bento and  Andy Glover